Products & Equipment

Bluefin uses only the best in Sportfishing products and equipment:
* FURUNO fish finders
* Penn International rods and reels
* GARMIN Sonar and Global Positioning Systems
* Cummins diesel marine engines
Our fleet is fully equipted with the latest in navigation and fish finding technology. Full color satalite images arrive daily via the world wide web at Bluefin headquarters, enabling our crew to prepare for the latest weather conditions and water temperatures.

Penn International®
Single-Speed Lever Drag Reels
No other reel has done more to shape the world of offshore big game angling than the Penn single-speed International®. There are eight of these brilliantly engineered, superbly crafted gleaming gold reels — ranging from the formidable 80TW to the light tackle 12LT IGFA class reel. Each and every Penn International® is built in the U.S.A. to rigid specifications, with meticulous attention to detail. Though others copy our color, these reels are the true “gold standard” of excellence among anglers in pursuit of bluewater tournament victories and IGFA line class records for billfish, tuna, shark, wahoo, dolphinfish and more.
New Re-Designed International® 12LT. Penn has totally re-designed the International® 12-lb. class reel to make it look and perform like the rest of the International® family. The new light tackle 12LT features a lighter stainless steel stand, one piece side plates, and a larger, more comfortable handle knob, preset knob and drag lever. Plus, locater buttons above the free spool and at the strike settings allow fast and sure control.
High Strength Stainless Steel Gears. All eight International® models are built with the unfailing strength and corrosion resistance of machine cut stainless steel main gears, pinion gears and drag cams — all specially tempered to create the world’s strongest reels. A double dog design (except for the new lightweight 12LT) prevents internal damage from sudden strikes.
Powerful Lever Drag System. These reels are built with Penn’s powerful lever drag system — the smoothest, most durable fish-stopping system on the face of the earth. Drag washers are made from Penn’s exclusive HT100TM, the same material used to brake supersonic jet air craft. An infinitely adjustable drag control knob lets you pre-set drag tension to a safe limit, while a 120 degree arc lever lets you engage or disengage the drag system — or even apply additional pressure, if necessary. There are set stops for free spool, “strike” drag and “full” drag pressure settings.
Exclusive “Power Handle” And Adjustable Clicker On 80T & 80TW. Penn has incorporated two special design features on the 80T and 80TW International® reels. A longer handle assembly and a reinforced soft grip means more leverage and comfort. All other International® reels feature Penn’s “fighting handle” that automatically returns to vertical position for easy gripping. The 80T and 80TW reels also have a special clicker adjustment that lets you easily set just the right amount of tension for your style of fishing.

Other Powerful Features.
* Machined, gold anodized, one piece frame
* Forged aluminum spool
* Shielded stainless steel ball bearings
* Stainless steel reel stand
* One piece rod clamp
* Harness lugs for fighting harnesses
* Rod braces on larger models
* Loud, durable, easy-to-service clicker
* One piece right side plate on 12LT, 20T, 30T, 30TW, 50T, 50TW models